Limousine chauffeurs and alcohol regulations
Under the current Western Australian regulations all F or T endorsed drivers must return a zero reading for alcohol when carrying paying passengers. Limousines chauffeurs are often tested at roadside stops the same as any other road user. If however there are no paying passengers in the vehicle the same time BAC rules apply as they would to any member of the Public.
International airline pilots are regulations state
Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 91.17
The use of alcohol and drugs by pilots is regulated by FAR 91.17.
Among other provisions, this regulation states that no person may operate or attempt to operate an aircraft
• within 8 hours of having consumed alcohol
• while under the influence of alcohol
• with a blood alcohol content of 0.04% or greater
• while using any drug that adversely affects safety
Does this mean you are safer in a limo than a plane? You can be assured when you travel with Lakes Limousines that our chauffeurs will be sober.
Ken Tolley 27/5/2022