Perth Limo prices:                     Enquire here for limo pricing. 
Most issues with pricing occur from not supplying the information upfront. If you live in Mandurah and want to go to CBD say so. Asking how much is your limo for 1 hr is fine but it is never going to be the end price once the location is mentioned. The date and time are important for availability and a booking midweek or in the winter months will always be less than a Saturday in November. It is in you best interest to supply as many details as you can and then there is no dispute after you have paid the deposit and are locked in. When requesting a limo price in Perth please note what is required and what to expect.
Pricing is effected by vehicle types, passenger numbers and length of hire. Whilst all limos will get you from A – B there are many different types and sizes. The cost will always vary so you need to be sure what you are getting prices on. A 10 seat Hummer will always cost more than 10 seat traditional limo. If you are not sure get quotes for both.
Passenger numbers will also have a large influence on pricing. Limousines range from 6 seats to 16 seats. It is always best to include passenger numbers with your enquiry.
The more hrs the hire is the cheaper the rate. If possible list you times in detail and date.
Visit the individual websites and ask for a quote nominating the vehicle you are interested in. Many sites show limousines that they do not exist they do not have or access to and are just there to enhance website and the quote may be for entirely different limo. If the quote is not detailed just ask for a detailed quote. There is like any other service industry a few operators that may not supply what you are expecting. This is why it always important to supply all details and have them listed on quote.
Remember your limo experience for the right reasons.

Ken Tolley

Perth limo prices