Choose the Best deal on Limousine Hire Service




For a special occasion or event, you need extra special transport to get you there. This is where a limo is a perfect option to arrive at your venue in style. The best part is you can get the best deal on limousine hire and get an affordable way to get to your destination.

Perth Vintage Limousine is a leading limo company that covers different transportation needs including wine tours, school balls, wedding events, etc. All you need to inform us of your specific needs and requirements including entertainment packages, the model of the limousine, how long you want it for and the distance you need to travel. Accordingly, we will give you a free quote.

Some important considerations-

The Model- A range of limo options are available for you to choose from that will determine the overall cost. If you choose some rarest models of the limo, it will also affect cost. Another point is the size of a limo. Moreover, you should decide the model and size of a limo before hiring one that can cater to your group size.

Passengers- Make sure the group size you are traveling with. Different models of limos have different capacities. You can hire the bigger limousines to accommodate your larger group easily. Choose the best limo that your party wants.

Hours of Rental- Decide the time you want to travel. Most limo companies offer different packages based on hours and the number of limousines. Always consider the offers a limo company offers.

The distance you travel- It is another important factor to consider. The distance you want to cover will affect the cost of limousine hire. You need to decide how you want to organize the pickups and also check whether the limo company charges you for extra mileage. Make sure there is no hidden cost.

Entertainment- A limo comes with different extra services, including an entertainment option that includes music systems, karaoke machines, and DVD players, plus much more.

All these factors will lead to a great deal on your limo hire. No matter if it is wedding limo hire, school ball limo hire or wedding limo hire, we have got you covered. Please contact us on Mob 0416 341 256, email or via our website contact form.