School Ball Limousine Hire:
There are many school balls in Perth through the year. For most students they only attend 1 ball during their school years. This being the case you want to make it a night to remember. For the guys it is less stressfull. Possibly a haircut , hire a suit and maybe look for a partner to invite. For the girls is is a much bigger event and a lot of preparation goes into the night. Of course the hair has to look special. Then there is the the dress or gown that has to be just right as well as the shoes. Also another neccessity is transport. Things to consider before making enquiry are. How many in your group, What is their budget for transport or what is their preference for vehicle type. Too many times a student pays deposit only to find those that were coming have now changed their minds and going in another limo. You need to explain to your friends the commitment and possibly take a deposit. There are many types of vehicles used for balls and the all come at different prices. The buses are the cheapest form but not that popular as you probally travel by bus every day. The most popular are the limousines and the come in many models, sizes, colours and prices. To get you pricing supply pick up suburb & destination. Also if you want a return. Passenger no’s is important. If you want more than a hour on way there say so or else the standard going to ball is 1 hr and stopping off for photos if time permits. Ask what is included in price. When considering photo stop also consider sunset time. It may not be practical. Be sure to get several quotes then make your commitment. If you leave it to late the availabilty will be gone.
At Perth Vintage Limousines we do many school balls. Our pricing is very affordable and we have all you need in the limo for a great night out.