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Reviews and their true value.

Reviews and their true value.Should you believe all you read? How easy is it for anybody to try and tarnish your good name without any fear of come back or make your business out to be amazing for financial reasons. The good reviews! Who are they from? Are they from the business owner, family, friends or real genuine customer comments? Many SEO companies write bulk reviews for their clients to enhance their Google ranking. How can you tell? Problem is you can’t. The bad reviews! Are they from your opposition or just someone you have had a difference of opinion

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Perth Limo Hire Prices

Perth Limo prices:Most issues with pricing occur from not supplying the information upfront. If you live in Mandurah and want to go to CBD say so. Asking how much is you limo for 1 hr is fine but it is never going to be the end price once the location is mentioned. The date and time are important for availability and a booking midweek or in the winter months will always be less than a Saturday in November. It is in you best interest to supply as many details as you can and then there is no dispute after you

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Your Safety.

Perth limo Hire Your safety is always paramount.At Perth Vintage Limousines your safety will always be of the upmost importance at all times. Our chauffeurs are very experienced and have the correctly endorsed licences to driver charter vehicles in Perth. Our Perth limos are fully insured and have all that is required by the On Demand Transport Authority W.A. Be very aware of the back yard operators advertising on Face book and Gumtree. If you have any doubt at all ask them for their On Demand Booking Service licence number. We will transfer you and your group safely and in

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Alcohol in Charter Vehicles

Limousine chauffeurs and alcohol regulations Under the current Western Australian regulations all F or T endorsed drivers must return a zero reading for alcohol when carrying paying passengers. Limousines chauffeurs are often tested at roadside stops the same as any other road user. If however there are no paying passengers in the vehicle the same time BAC rules apply as they would to any member of the Public. International airline pilots are regulations state Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 91.17 The use of alcohol and drugs by pilots is regulated by FAR 91.17. Among other provisions, this regulation states that no

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   Optus Stadium   4/2/2021

In the  early days limousine access to this stadium was very limited when there was a major event on and things have improve only slightly. Taxis have access to drop close to venue. Yes you can sit back relax and enjoy the limo ride but be prepared to walk the last bit. Crown Casino is the popular drop off point but the traffic jams make it not very practical. There is also a drop zone in East Perth on the other side of the bridge. This appears to be as good as any but if it is raining you will need some protection. If you are attending a smaller type of function then your customer can check with the event organizer to see if they have requested vehicle access. Each event is different and vehicle access has to be requested.  Events like School balls, corporate functions and exhibitions all seem ok will you just can’t be sure. As charter vehicle operators we hoped In time there will be some automatic guidelines we can follow. Some events with crowds around 20k it seem to be ok to drive and drop. So if you are booking a limousine or charter vehicle please do not automatically expect to be dropped at the entrance.  Enjoy the stadium but be prepared to walk.

Ken Tolley

4 Feb 2021  

Correctly Licenced Charter Companies.

When hiring a charter vehicle in WA or any other state there are always those that choose to operate outside the system. In WA we have the On Demand Transport Department. This body is responsible for overseeing the charter industry as a whole including taxis and buses. Whist you may think it does not matter to you if the vehicle and driver are legal as long as you get there at a cheap price. This is all good until something happens. Both the vehicle and the driver are specially licenced operate within the industry guidelines. There is also a requirement for the person actually taking the booking and processing the payment to hold an On Demand Booking Service licence. All of these things are in place to try and ensure your charter vehicle hire experience is remembered for the right reasons. If you use a ODBS licenced company they can be traced and should you have bad experience both the chauffeur and company can be held to account.

Beware the dodgy operators. They usually ask for cash, no actual trading name, no website and mobile contact only. Facebook and Gumtree are their way to market. You or your belongings will not be covered by insurance if they do not have full compliance and something happens.

Please do check prior to booking a charter vehicle if it looks all dodgy. This link will help identify the authorized On demand Booking Services.

Ken Tolley    April 2021

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