Limousine Hire Perth – Making a selection.

If you are looking for a Perth limousine hire service for your upcoming event then there are many different companies and vehicles to choose from. The type of event and your passenger numbers will also influence your choices. If it is a wedding and you would like something special like the vintage or classic vehicles there are many stunning types and colours to make a selection from. If your passenger numbers are more than 10 then this type of limo is not an option and you will have to go to a Hummer, Jeep or Chrysler type limos. Nice yes, but not in the same class as the classic and vintage limos for a wedding. For other type of events with large numbers like Buck’s parties, wine tours, school balls etc they are the perfect choice. When making your  enquiry check on how many passengers can actually sit in the rear as some businesses claim larger passenger numbers, but it can include one or 2 passengers in the front seat.          

 Like most things, the internet is the place to do your research. When searching for limousine hire Perth make sure you scroll down and view what some of the smaller operators have to offer. The larger bigger budget limousine companies compete for Google first page rankings and this comes at a huge cost which has to be passed on to the customer.  Some of these listings are not an actual limousine companies but just a website that charges to list and gives the appearance of a large business. This also comes at a cost which has to be passed to the end user and who takes responsibility if something goes wrong. Once again take the time to look a little further at few more options before making your enquiry.

With most smaller Perth limousine businesses it will be the owner or family member who is the chauffeur and will have a personal interest in providing the very best service on the day. They are also in a position to make changes and extend times etc should it needed on the day. With the larger operators and the difficulty in getting staff you may not always receive the personal service that you would expect. Any changes on the day would have to run past the owner before they can be approved. The hire cost in most instances will be less as they smaller operators usually operate from home and do not have the huge overheads(rent, advertising, wages etc) to cover in their hourly rate.

If it is a stunning vintage wedding limousine and first class personal service you require then please browse           


Ken Tolley    26/10/2022