Limo hire Perth can be very confusing when trying to actually be sure what you require and what is advertised is the same thing. Is the image of the limousine on the web site the limousine that will turn up on the day? Ask the question when enquiring. The from $99 or similar advertised is not for limousine hire. It is just deception so beware of more deception. Seating and passengers seated in comfort is also often misrepresented. Some limousines are advertised as 10 passengers which is true but two passengers are seated seat next to the Chauffeur. It is very common to include the front passengers seat when advertising and quoting without making the customer aware that one passenger will not be in the rear with your group. Once again you need to ask the question.

Seating can also be a problem. We all come in different shapes and sizes so just because the description is ten passengers does not mean you will get ten passengers in. The rear J seat type of seat use in some limousines will reduce the the comfort level as three passengers have to share the corner. A limo with bench seats will always offer more leg room. If you have tall people in your group there are also some issues with different models not having a lot of head room. Another important thing to consider is access. The are many limos in Perth and many different access options to the seating. Are you prepared to crawl in in your wedding gown or would you like to step in. Those in their senior years may not be as agile as they were and easy access will be important.

Finally once you think you have it all sorted an inspection of the vehicle would always be recommended. This way you can make sure you will not be disappointed on the day.

K Tolley 12/10/2021

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